Adminstration’s Failure Side Of Coin seen In Khanabal Handwara


Amid Covid 19 Residents Urging Govt Govt For Basic Facilities : Mudasir Tantry

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Khanabal Handwara where water is scarce,Washing hands & Practicing “Social distancing” are Luxuries not everyone can afford.

Socio-political activist and President READ foundation kashmir Mudasir tantary said that on one hand authorities and Experts are advising of maintaining “social distance” and time to time handwashing with soap and water as a first line of defense in containing the Virus. in absence of pure water the residents are unable to adhere to the directions of health authorities. And residents of Khanabal Handwara have no source of clean water at their homes as “PHE” department Handwara fails to provide clean drinking water from 3-4 days. For those with a limited supply, their priority is to use it for drinking and cooking, Handwashing is not the highest priority.
Expressing strong concern on the issue Tantary said that PHE department is spreading pandemic through contiminated water through water tankers instead of providing pure water. sending water tankers containing muddy water which cant be used for washing hands ,drinking or cooking as it may cause diseases. And people had to stand in lines and crowd which goes against social distancing.
Mudasir Tantary appealed the authorities to intervene in the matter and supply pure water, so that the people can use pure drinking water in these testing times.


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