Aid to Civilians Post Unprovoked shelling by Pakistan in Village Tumna and Hachamargi


Srinagar :Unprovoked CFV by Pakistan on 12 Apr 2020 had resulted in the death of 8 years old Zeeshan Bashir R/O Tumna Village.

Vilgam Batallion under the aegis of 7 Sect RR provided relief to the family of Zeeshan Kataria and those injured and have lost their property in Village Tumna and Hachamargi. Details of relief provided to these individuals are as follows :

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  1. Bashir Ah Kataria
    R/O Tumna, father of deceased Zeeshan Bashir and who himself got a serious injury in hand is presently admitted in Srinagar Govt Hosp (SKIMS) was provided with Rs 30000 cash, 5 blankets, clothes and 1 Suitcase.
  2. Farooq Ah Kataria
    R/O Tumna, whose house and car got completely burnt was provided Rs 30000 cash, 5 blankets, 1 suitcase, and some clothes.
  3. Saiba Badana
    R/O Hachmargi, was seriously injured in leg presently admitted in SKIMS, Srinagar was provided with Rs 10000 cash, 2 blankets and some clothes.
  4. Laldeen Chechi
    R/O Tumna, who got injured in shoulder was provided with Rs 5000 cash, 5 blankets and some clothes.
  5. Faizan Ah Khan
    R/O Tumna, was injured in leg was provided with Rs 5000 cash, 5 balnkets and some clothes.
  6. Gulaam Rasool Khan
    R/O Tumna, whose house got damaged was provided Rs 5000, 3 blankets and 1 suitcase.
  7. Tasleema Begum
    R/O Hachmargi, who was injured in hand was provided with Rs 5000 and some clothes.
  8. Murtaza
    R/O Hachmargi, whose house got damaged was provided with Rs 5000 cash and some clothes.
  9. Sajauddin Kataria
    R/O Tumna, who got minor injuries in leg was provided with Rs 5000 cash, 3 blankets and some clothes.

In its efforts to help the local populance Vilgam Army Camp distributed Rs 100,000/- in cash and approxmitaly essential clothing worth Rs 50,000/-. In addition to this the liaison with DC Kupwara was also carried out who sent Tehsildar Taratpura with essential items worh Rs 10000 and cash worth Rs 52000 was also distributed to the affected persons.

The people were appreciative of the instant help provided by Army, these efforts will go a long way in strengthening the relations between the awam and the security forces.


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