Growing unemployment resulted into growing violence in J&K.


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Lone Hilal 

Among 29 States of India, J&K is most disturbed state. Each day anywhere,any casualty occurs between civilians and security forces. Kashmir conflict is an international issue between India and Pakistan, due to which three wars (excluding invasion of Kashmir by Pushton Tribels) were fought between these two close neighbours, which collectively fought for their respective freedoms from British Imperialism and have common Historical,Political and Cultural background in some parts. 
From 1990s, Violences and killings are routinely seen. On one side, Center claims Kashmir as its important part. On another side,Center government shows no seriousness to resolve the conflict.Blood of Kashmiri people flows through its flowing streams.This bloodshed resulted into hatred of people to its federal government.
As the J&K is most crisis state in India. To deal with crises, government brings more and more troops in the valley to suppress crises.Ironically,which results increase in crisis in the valley and chances of more bloodshed occurs. From 2008,internal conflict situation between people and security forces has shown new  wave. Stone pelting by youth and pellet use by security forces has ended peaceful atmosphere in valley.PM Narendra Modi in an interview to media tells, only 2&1/2 Districts are disturbed areas in 22 Districts J&K.Actually, we can say, Kashmir conflict is like heart disease or head ace for India. 
In this disturbed state, what are the  basic causes, which breeds more and more violence? Besides, political, diplomatic, economic, traditional, religious; Unemployment is the basic cause of growing unrest. Large number of youth, despite good educational background are depressed due to lack of employment opportunities.
From 1990s, when Kashmir valley was most disturbed zone. After it, GoI launched schemes like RMSA, SSA, Re-T recruitment, Mid-day meals for school children etc to give opportunity for children to seek education and opened the doors of employment for educated youth. Some positive change was observed. 
From last two decades to till now, people became disappointed over State government, lacking its role to give or widen employment opportunities. Every year lakhs of educated youth complete their Higher, Bechlors, Masters, Doctorate o technical courses. After some years,they lost faith in government. Which resulted into hatred of people to our government.
As the center government allocates funds to each state for better governance, employment opportunities for educated and skilled and defence etc. Unfortunately, Valley is crisis and disturbed state, due to which huge amount of allocates funds is spent on defence forces. As the state and concurrent  lists are insufficiet to tackle the bigger issues like unemployment, development etc in the valley. This situation has made State able to survive insufficiently. So, violence can’t be stopped, but to suppress by power. 
Tense situation of Kashmir has made miserable life of people. Basic cause of unrest in valley is unemployment. As the valley has mountainous physical features and government has given justice with some classes. They live happily. No violent reactions are seen from them. 
As the question can put everyone in doubt that people like Burhan Muzzafer Wani, Dr Manan Wani etc were highly qualified, still they choosed path of violence. Its answer is;When government failed to curb unemployment andWhen government failed to stop violence peacefully and to stop killings, which resulted in hatred of people to our own federal government. This hatred has compelled highly educated youth to become ant-national. Situation has turned worse. Government planed to end these militants on the soil. Hatred in the hearts of people can’t allow it to eradicate. Question of only 2&1/2 Districts among 22 Districts is misleading statement. Because, it will not allow center government to come forward for negotiations with separatist leaders and Pakistan.It might effect state-center relations in future,which are already vulnerable. People suffered due to unrest, mostly families of pellet victims. Can government see through the eyes of these people, who suffered due to unrest? Can government expect love for their Nation from them? 
At last, we reached at conclusion, growing unrest is due to growing unemployment. Ultimately, ill treatment and unethical behavior of government, instead to give or widen employment opportunities and assurance has made valley crisis state. Once, it was a viral infection. Now,it has taken shape of a disease. Time is to cure it, through the pills of employment opportunities for all and to widen employment opportunities for educated youth. Educated youth can change fortune of a nation. It is upto educated youth of valley to decide future of J&K.
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