ISIS, the Zionist Movie playing on world Stage.


Srinagar 02/Nov/2019:  The Seminary Student Syed Karar Hashmi Kashmiri categorically warned American President Donald Trump and other intelligence agencies of the west responsible for sponsoring terror outfits with an aim to sell arms and ammunitions internationally.The Islamic state leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been killed by US Special Forces to hide their failure, the America played ISIS like a movie on the world stage couple of years before and death of ISIS Leader closed the film in a screen, just like death of hero in a movie.  In order to create discord inside the Muslims and try to tarnish the image of Islam, ISIS terrorist group were funded and supported by Zionism and America to carry out activities against the Islam and Muslims internationally.

Karar Hashmi well known Social Activist Further added that there is well documented and precise information about American assistance of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. ISIS Tried at its best to destabilize the existing regime in Iraq and Syria but failed heavily due to lack of public support. They destroyed cultural heritage sites, religious places of different faiths in Middle East, raped thousands of women in the name of so called Sex Jihad. They don’t differentiate between Shias and Sunnis in the region, aim was to bring graph of violence at its peak and linking the Islam with Terrorism. ISIS killed top Sunni Scholars like Sheikh-ul-Islam in Sanandaj, late Hussein-Bor in Baluchistan and other Shia Scholars as well. The plots hatched by the US and Zionism in the Middle East were destroyed and annihilated by the power of Almighty Allah. Like the English who have kept the chronic wounds of Kashmir open since long in the Indian Subcontinent, resulted discord between two neighboring countries India and Pakistan; the Americans want the same divisions in the region without ever being resolved.

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 Everybody knows that ISIS was created to serve the interests of Israel and America with an aim to present the Islam as a religion of barbarism in international level. The writers, intellectuals, scholars and especially Islamic clerics have a paramount role to play in educating the masses about the global happenings going on against Muslims. Today we must be alert about vicious policy of arrogance and tactics of our enemies trying to divide us on communal lines with an aim to fill their pockets full. Everybody have a major responsibility to rationally pounder over the situation and duty bound to contribute its best for bringing peace and normalcy. Karar Hashmi said.

Syed Karar Hashmi Kashmiri is Kashmiri Based Social Activist from central Kashmir Dab Village of Ganderbal at Contemporary Studying in Jamia Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

you can reach with him through this email.


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