Patoosa Rafiabad bridge is on construction since 2009


By Peerzada Waseem
Rafiabad : The connectivity of Pathusa via Rohama bridge  is still incomplete, the residents of Patoosa alleged that no labours, no machinery and none of raw materials are used.
30 meters long bridge over Nallah Wanpora Rafiabad yet to be constructed. Peoples alleged R&B Department Sopore the contractors get the payement from Department and bridge is still defunct.  
Locals told INS that this bridge is connected to dozens of villages in the area. “Students and patients suffer a lot but Authorities are in a deep slumber,”.
Umar Rasheed a local youth told INS , “We went to every concerned agency and requested them to widen the bridge but to no avail. R&B Department once made a plan to construct the bridge within a year but on ground only one side piller iron is hanging in the air.  He said The construction work on the bridge over a stream was started in year 2009 and is yet to be finished. 
Ishafaq Ahamd residents told INS that people of Patoosa Rafiabad are facing hardships due to the incompletion of bridge past many years. He added that villagers are highly affected due to the incomplete bridge.

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Residents  alleged R&B Department that they lost the documents and suspects of a fraud in the bridge. 

In this regard when we contacted R&B Department Abdul Hameed he said i dont have any knowledge about this bridge. He said recently i took charge of this department.  
Meanwhile when we contact R&B Department Exn Saleeem Ahamd despite repeatedly attempts of phone calls he hang up the call.


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