Backpacking the Northern part of India with Travel photographer Anunay Sood


Backpacking through the northern part of our country, has only become easier in the last decade which has bought herds of visitors seeking a little break from their cities.
It’s no surprise that the amount of tourists is directly proportional to the amount of pollution they bring.

What we need right now is awareness, and people who promote responsible tourism. Anunay Sood, one of many influencers who has been traveling to Kashmir and Ladakh his entire life, but brings along with himself ideas to preserve those beautiful towns, just as they were 10 years back.

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Amazing pictures, and insane stories is not all that he brings to the table, with his influence, he makes people aware of the effects our footprints have on these places, and how we should be much more responsible to be actually called travellers.
Such is the mindset we require from today’s youth, for the coming generations to follow and implement.

He tells people what the word “travel” should mean, how you really appreciate a town or city when you visit it, and how you should be responsible to leave the place for your next visit.

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