Dilapidated Khanpora Kangripora of central kashmir’s Budgam irks commuters


Raja Bilal/ Tanveer Hussaini

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7 KM long road that connects near about half dozen villages has developed potholes and thereby causing immense trouble commuters.

According to local driver who ferries passenger from Khag to villages of the road on daily basis said. That “we  Have face a lot of problems due to bad conditions of the road, our vehicles suffer damage to the extent that we have to repair repair them once every month.

Dilapidate road from Khanpora Kangripora village of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district continued to irk commuters and the pedestrians as the authorities have failed to repair the road despite assurance. In habitants living in the area as well as the commuter passing through the road here have demanded immediate redress of their genuine grievances. Locals said that other road in the  area have been macadamized several times but this road was ignored by they authorities. However after several appeals to the authorities but they didn’t pay heed over it, now the peoples of the area again urge officials to ensure the repairement of the road as soon as possible   


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