Domicile Law Centre’s Another Onslaught & Hoodwink With Jk People Altaf


The Move Will Alienate Youth To large Extent

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Rafiabad (April 02): Congress leader Altaf Malik strongly hits out at centre government over new domicile law & job policy for the residents of Jammu&Kashmir which is injustice with the people of j&k especially with the distressed valley’s youth and the unemployment rate in j&k is already high in comparison to other states of the country . 
Altaf further said that people of Jammu and kashmir were expecting some solace from central govt but GOI continued its onslaught to j&k shelved constitution andd democracy left no stone unturned in disgracing and hoodwinking of people of jammu and kashmir.
“Such moves will alienate people especially youth to a large extent whose further has been staked and snatched & give them a deep injury pushed entire j&k towards dark era Altaf narrated and adding if such cruel laws will be framed overnight why the leaders activists trade body and bar association leaders youth detained post abrogation of 370 are languishing in different jails in and out side j&k are not being released more questions are revolving in the minds of j&k people if northeast states himachal telengana Nagaland are enjoying own domicile laws were out siders in the country can’t buy land why j&k targeted the GOI come up with domicile law at the time when entire world is fight covid 19 and the human survival is under treat shows the nefarious designs of GOI the height of cruelty of new domicile law forced the new party who were dancing on the tunes of GOI to criticize the move.
Altaf in his statement urges GOI to restore 370 35A in its original form and fulfill the promises made in the parliament with the people of j&k that the protection of land and jobs


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