Expose Anti-Islamic Element Wasim Rizvi, Islamic Fraternity to Scholars


‘No power on earth that can amend even a single word of Quran’

Urges Government Action to Retain Muslim Faith

Srinagar, Mar 13: Terming Wasim Rizvi a disgraced and namesake Muslim, Islamic Fraternity – a Kashmir-based Organization – has asked scholars to expose and bring to justice the former over his anti-Quran remarks.

In a statement issued to Global News Service (GNS), President IF, Muhammad Aamir said that “there is no power on earth that can amend even a single word of Quran and those who tried, failed disgracefully.”

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“Quran is the word of Creator, the Supreme Power of Heavens and Earth. Neither can any change His work nor is there any power on earth that can make amendments in His book. Enemies of Islam tried hard in the past to amend the Quran but Allah disgraced them by ruining their all plans. This anti-Islam element (Waseem Rizwi) will meet the same fate,” he said.

He said that the Holy Quran stood all the attacks by its enemies only because Allah has promised in his Book: “He has revealed the Quran and He will protect it (Al-Hijr – The Rock – 15:9).”

“These Verses form base of Muslim faith. Only a disgraced and a namesake Muslim like Rizwi will refuse to believe in that,” he said.

Saying that the blasphemous comments have not only deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims but has angered the whole Muslim Ummah, Aamir said that if Government of India is sincere towards Muslim community, they should immediately arrest and take strict action against him.

“Now is the time for GoI to show how much they respect Muslim Community. If a namesake anti-Islam element like Rizwi who attempted to tarnish the image of Islam by attacking sacred scriptures, is let free without any punishment, Muslims will lose faith in Indian justice system,” Aamir said. (GNS)


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