Farzana Shabir first kashmiri female glass painter


Burhan Hussainii / Kashmir Bulletin

Srinagar 15, Jan (KB): Farzana Shabir (20) hailing from Brein Nishat is well known because of her different artworks. Fazana is the only artist from Kashmir who paints on glass. She is currently pursuing her bachelors degree from government women college zakura.

Comming from a very educated family, who have always taught her to follow her dreams, and she is persuing them. Balancing studies and passion equally is not everyones cup of tea but farzana is doing both with ease.

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While talking to Kashmir Bulletien (KB), Farzana said that it has been my passion to grow in the field of glass painting. It is not as easy as it sounds, I myself was Facinated with this thing as it was very rare and different and the learning phase was pretty hard as there was no one to guide, then i learned with the help of youtube and gave my all to be what i am right now.

I have been following my passion since 8th class and my art work was selected in my school during an art exibition. For the first time i felt this is what actually my soul is looking for. With the passage i grew and so did my art. But i didn’t get the platform i aspired for. As an artist i am giving my everything so i can give wings to my dreams.

I have decided after completing my studies i will take my art as my Proffession . I am huge fan of Pablo Picasso and take him as an Inspiration , as he has devoted 80 years of his life to art. When i feel to paint there is a voice within me which always reminds me of Pablo Picasso (paint whatever you want to paint or what your heart says), same is the case with me, i only paint when i feel like i have to.

Kashmir Bulletin wishes you a bright and colourful future ahead. We hope you never give up. May the fireflies follow you where the butterflies do not. Go ahead and own the stage―(Kashmir Bulletin)


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