Highway and train restrictions are a provocation to people : JKPM


Srinagar : Jammu & Kashmir Poeple’s Movement has reiterated its demand to revoke the restrictions on civilian movement on Qazigund-Nashri highway which is causing tremendous difficulties to ordinary people. Adding to the miseries of the people, now there are restrictions on travel by trains as well.

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JKPM General Secretary Shehla Rashid has termed these restrictions as a “provocation.” She said that, “One fails to understand how people are supposed to carry on with work and business when all means of transport are restricted. We appeal to the governor to review these illogical restrictions which are making life hell for ordinary people. One could understand if the restrictions were imposed for an hour or a couple of hours, but these restrictions take up the bulk of a working day, and will end up alienating and provoking the people. First it was highway restrictions, and now train restrictions too. How are people supposed to travel for work? The state government should either declare a 2-month long holiday in the state, and compensate the traders for the losses caused, or review and relax these restrictions.”

Shehla Rashid further said that, “We wholeheartedly welcome the yatris in our state, but we cannot silently accept the deliberate harassment of locals. It is provocative and unacceptable.”


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