Illegal drugs have ruined the lives of Kashmiri people, says Indumeet


Appeals to DAK to take step against illegal drugs

Srinagar : On the Doctors day , Socio Political leader of Kashmir Indumeet Singh on Monday appealed to the Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) to take steps against the illegal drugs which are available and selling in huge quantity here in Kashmir.

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In a statement Indumeet said, “These illegal drugs are available in huge quantities in the pharmacies in Kashmir and they are being sold under the carpet, there is utmost need to stop it’s use in Kashmir otherwise it will destroy many human lives”.

“I urge the Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) which is a very reputed organisation of Doctors of our Kashmir valley, it is primary duty of DAK to play their role actively to stop the use and sale of the illegal drugs in Kashmir which are very harmful medically and have long term negative side effects on humans” adding more he said ” There are many people who are unfortunately addicted to these illegal drugs, DAK should do something for them to save their lives “.

“Doctor is a very noble profession but unfortunately despite the ban some Doctors of our valley are involved in private practices and are basically looting the patients without any fear. Moreover, some Doctors are promoting and prescribe the medicines of some baseless companies for the conflict of interest ,” he said.

“I appeal to patients to always prefer to go to Government hospitals over private clinics and hospitals for the treatment,” Indumeet said.


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