Kashmiri Activist requesting GOI to release Prisoners in New Year Amnesty.


The Socio-Political Activist Syed Karar Hashmi appealed Government of India (GOI) demanding the immediate release of Political leaders, activists and the restoration of communication services in Kashmir as gesture of good will in beginning of New Year. In the beginning of every year people of Kashmir usually pray for eternal peace, tranquility, brotherhood and wellbeing ofeverybody.  It is a place where Muslims are celebrating Diwali andHindus Eid. The New Year is a celebration for the whole world but we are  witnessed hundreds of detentions , bands and complete dark out in Kashmir.  

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Social Activist Syed Karar Hashmi said in a statement that every body would be bound to appreciate the government if it would look into the reasons that lead to terrorism and law and order problem in and outside Kashmir rather than use of force and detentions. 

In democracy, every government must act in keeping into  view public aspirations. How fair is it , in making decisions about our lives and our future while we are captive. It’s like forcing something down with a gun to our heads. On contrary, thousands of political leaders, activists , businessmen and journalists continue to be silenced through administrative detention laws. Hashmi added  

Syed Karar Hashmi further said that we have never supported war and terrorism to promote in Kashmir . History is a testimony of the fact when tribal invasion took place, we have stood against tyranny and called for an August help from government of India and deported tribals back Successfully. Now what happened that political workers, who have backed India despite facing threats, attacks and public humiliation are behind the bars at contemporary. 

Social activist and Seminarian demanded  Government of India (GOI) to release all political detainees, and restoration of communication services in Kashmir as a mark of good will gesture in beginning of New Year.


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