Meet Snober an young entrepreneur and youth development promoter Ganderbal


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Suliman Saith

Meet Snober an young entrepreneur and youth development promoterGanderbal: A Young and dynamic lady who facing many challenges in her now became an entrepreneur and youth development promoter .She has remained steadfast throughout her struggle in daunting circumstances.Meet a young and talented Snobar Bashir who hails from a remote village of Ganderbal’s Peerpora Village.From the nondiscript village to Srinagar her journey has been inspiring .Snobar said , “I started working from the very early age right from high school days .The zeal and enthusiasm to work was fuel for me”.I got hooked up with work way early in my life “I got hooked up with work way early in my. life, in fact, I was still in high school backthen,” says Snober, a graduate from Peerpora, a place in Ganderbal. “I still remember how hefty it was to manage studies during 11th and 12th in conjunction with teaching computer at an institute in Ganderbal.”Snober is a young graduate from Ganderbalwho has worked with a considerate number of management companies throughout her college life and is now the owner of JK Fashion Hub, a clothing and fashion start-up that delivers designed clothing items upononline orders.“My first-hand experience with a management job was through a company called Royal Kashmir, which in my opinion is one of the finest Kashmiri companies in the field. I worked with them for two years. For some time I worked with Radio Kashmir as well, with their Chandigarh Song and Drama division,” she adds.“My online business actually came to be during my graduate exams – exams were finished, we graduated and we started our work. The nature of this business is home based – we pick a design, customize it to our liking and then all of our members get their share of workload,” she tells us. “Our strength at the moment is stands at 10 members, all of them my friends. Each of them get an equalnumber of orders which, based upon theagreed upon design, they need to stitch within a fixed time. After this the orders are picked up and delivered by the boys in our team.


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