Not only world but UN itself is signatory to Kashmir’s disputed nature: Geelani


Not only world but UN itself is signatory to Kashmir’s disputed nature: Geelani

Srinagar, June 28 (KNO) :  Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that historical facts despite being denied by not only the oppressor, but its ocean of people for decades can in no way fade away; it makes itself to be felt and makes its worst denials to come to terms with the reality.

Geelani as per a statement issued to KNO was responding to the speech of Prime Minister on vote of thanks motion in Rajya Sabah, wherein he said that “had Patel been the first PM of India, Kashmir dispute would have been resolved”. In other words he subconsciously accepted that Kashmir is an unresolved issue and its fate is yet to be decided.

Geelani said that “not only whole world but United Nations itself is signatory to its disputed nature and people of Jammu and Kashmir have a unanimous stand that this dispute should be resolved peacefully once for all. Prime Minister of a voluminous country, amongst the elected representatives, indirectly acknowledging the fact, proves that historical realities cannot be brushed aside even by the military might, brute force or repeated denial for decades together.”

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He said that on the one hand disputed nature of the issue is accepted and on the other hand those who stand by same version and fight for its resolution are killed, jailed, maimed, tortured, raped and suppressed.

“Rulers of Delhi should honour and respect the promises of their leaders and shun the rigid and unrealistic attitude, as this issue is older than the history of their own nations. Our three generations have lived a suffocated and fear filled life and now fourth generation is forced to take the same path,” he added.

He said that those riding the powerful horse of majority mandate and proudly with a thumbing chest need to understand it beyond doubt that the state of Jammu and Kashmir was neither part of India nor the rulers have considered its people their own, otherwise a newly elected people’s representatives would not have venomized that “if suppressing Kashmiris ensures safe life for its “own people”, let it be”.

Geelani as per the statement suggested rulers that if this long pending dispute is again put to back burner and left to simmer in the continued bloodbath, a nuclear collision in wanting can be so catastrophic that neither habitat nor the boundaries will be sufficient to prove the integrity and sovereignty of the regions.(KNO)


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