Road closed , Train closed better is Kill us all at once why harassing us again and again, Indumeet on highway ban


We welcome Amarnath Yatries with open hearts as always ; Says Indumeet

Srinagar:  Social-political activities Indumeet Singh lashed out at the central government over highway ban, saying that center should find the one-time solution to end up all Kashmiri’s at once rather harassing us (Kashmiri’s) over and over again.

Turning it center sponsored ‘Gunda Gardi’, Indumeet Singh said, highway ban is affecting Kashmir’s tourism sector which is considered the backbone of Kashmir, and Kashmir’s trade also gets affected.

“The business of all the shopkeepers on both sides of  National Highway is Null due to these restrictions, as even tourists are not allowed to stop their vehicles for shopping,”

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“On one hand India calls Kashmir its integral part on other hand lives no stone unturned to harass Kashmiris” adding to this he said “The ban on highway has made the life of poor Kashmiris miserable, ambulances are been stopped on the way to the hospital which leaves many lives at risk, Traders, students and patients are suffering massively due to this illogical order. Fruit and other goods worth of crores are rotting on the highways, causing unimaginable damage to the local economy”.

Turning it unjust Indumeet Singh said “Kashmiris are been caged in their own homeland which can’t be tolerated anymore”.

“We welcome Amarnath Yatries with open hearts as always, Shri Amarnath Yatra ji, is part and parcel of Kashmir, despite the fact that Kashmiri have been serving yatris here since past many decades still people are being harassed on the pretext of security on Kashmir roads,” Indumeet added.

Meanwhile, Indumeet Singh Warned state and center Government for starting statewide agitation if the ban on highway is not lifted.

“Revoke the ban or ready to face state wide agitation,” Indumeet said.


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