Sameer Ahamed, a page designer for local newspapers, whose eyes and arms were injured from pellets, in Srinagar.


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Today Kashmir is one of the most or perhaps the most densely militarised zone in the world. More than a half-million soldiers have been deployed to counter what the army itself admits is now just a handful of “terrorists.” If there were any doubt earlier it should be abundantly clear by now that their real enemy is the Kashmiri people. What India has done in Kashmir over the last 30 years is unforgivable. An estimated seventy thousand people, civilians, militants and security forces have been killed in the conflict. Thousands have been “disappeared,” and tens of thousands have passed through torture chambers that dot the valley like a network of small-scale Abu Ghraibs.
Click the link in our bio to read Arundhati Roy’s piece on the echoes of fascism in the Kashmir Valley. Photograph by Atul Loke/ The New York Times.
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