HOPE: a way to serenity


The world has witnessed numerous highs and lows from its vey beginning in the form of Natural as well as Manmade disasters causing greater damage to lives and property and sometimes Kingdoms and Nations fall, which failed to endure those deadly disasters.

This time we are also facing a disaster but a more deadly and horrifying one the world has faced in the recent past after, World war I and World War II shattering giant economies of the world. The shadow of despair is everywhere apparent from the nations and their people all across the world. The pandemic is like a forest fire, engulfed whole of the forest with no possible way out to escape soon. People from all walks of life suffer with no sign of hope as number of deaths swell with every passing day leading to continuous lockdown. The pandemic and simultaneously lockdown render employed people jobless , unemployed to the greater risk of finding no employment after normalcy, students also suffer depression worrying about their careers especially those who couldn’t appear in competitive exams and get admissions on time and those who are already studying in universities and colleges waiting for their end semester exams, migrant workers are forced to return to their homes, while fearing for their lives and livelihood as they find no work for months now, business suffer losses to its greatest extent due to closure of all establishments and more importantly our frontline worriers and unsung heroes are fighting day and night with minimum protection gear for their own protection and safety to defeat this evil , while facing humiliation, abuse and assault at the hands of people .

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This shows that no one is left unhurt by novel Corona Virus from its deadly nature. The blessing is that people are hopeful of good days ahead and that is the actual need of time.
The aphorism “every rise is followed by fall and every fall is followed by rise” always served as a source of hope and in these difficult times too hope is the only way to protect oneself from grief despair and depression though not easy to escape from current situation. Hope has its direct nexus with thoughts, as good thoughts lead to healthy psychological state and a good life, while bad thoughts lead ill psychological state and ruin life. All across the world the expectations of the people have changed for awhile. No doubt one cannot be blamed for thinking negatively as inner conditions of our lives are the reflection of our outer state .

External conditions do have a major influence but it is next to impossible to change our outer conditions or overlook them . Till the time vaccine comes , we have to start by ourselves finding new ways of comfort and ease, without having much toll on physical and mental health. Remaining confined within homes for months altogether without having access to places of entertainment , amusement and usual visiting places is really frustrating ,to live a life in homogenous environment is equivalent to imprisonment. While facing all the difficulties one should keep in mind as mentioned in Quran “with every hardship comes ease” .

People suffer all sort of losses but think about those who lost their lives or lives of their near and dear ones and who are battling for their lives in hospitals . We should be thankful to Almighty God that keeps us alive, healthy and free from deadly virus .Our biggest asset is life and our health. However ,while thinking constantly about diseases makes it more likely we’ll get them, Psychologists claimed. Rather, if we think about our health and care about it, we are more likely to form positive habits of healthy eating and exercise ,which we ignore in our routine life and ultimately will lead to a better and safe life at present and in future as well. We should bear in our mind that “where there is life, there is hope”. Hope will not come without thinking and think for better and comfortable tomorrow. Hopeful thoughts eventually leads to calmness and peace of mind, and is inevitable for healthy psychological state.

Author: Tajamul Islam, Law Student.


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