Media is Soul While Democracy is body, Can’t Survive Individually. Syed Karar Hashmi


The Kashmiri based Seminarian Syed Karar Hashmi has expressed Concerns over continue targeting of Journalists across India and has termed such trend disastrous like Cancer for a body.
Syed Karar Hashmi said in a Press statement that media is an important component of social management and any kind of censorship or other tactics won’t silence  journalists from doing their professional duties. 
Hashmi further said that what is happening in Kashmir with the media fraternity is a grim reminder of the increasing trend of journalists being targeted and to address the disastrous press freedom situation in this country is one of the great priorities at contemporary times to discuss with.Without media, Democracy is meaningless and can not be flourished. At the same time attack on media person is a direct attack on Democracy. The role of media is very important as On one hand, the media influences the policy makers by putting forth the opinions expressed by various groups including educationists, journalists, experts, leaders of different Political parties, religious leaders, workers and unions etc, on contrary,  it pressurizes the policy makers to act with regard to people’s interest and demands. In this era of globalization, media has emerged as one of the most powerful components of social management. Common citizens have a great deal of exposure to the media in the realms of entertainment and culture, yet most do not understand how the media, politics and public policy interact with each other and thereby affect their lives.
Kashmiri Based Seminarian at Qom Iran added that the press or the media has emerged as the fourth most powerful institution of democracy as it has the potential to mould the public opinion and influence the public policy. Media as the fourth pillar of Democracy have a paramount place and a great regard across the  globe but in Union territory of Jammu and  Kashmir Media fraternity while putting their lives at risk to cover up the events and issues of prime public importance , it must obviously be regarded more as compare to other states of India.
Without media, Democracy is meaningless and can not be flourished. Meantime Attack on media person is a direct attack on Democracy and that too largest democracy of world. Hashmi added 


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